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Jelle Paulusma is a musician, singer, songwriter and producer who gained prominence in the Dutch indie scene as the frontman of the band Daryll-Ann (1988-2004), with which he recorded six studio albums and toured internationally in the 1990s.

After he quit Daryll-Ann, Paulusma resurfaced with an experimental and rather dark solo album entitled Here We Are (2006).

The second Paulusma studio album, 2008’s IRECORD, was generally received by music critics as a pleasant surprise: a lush, more melodic, graciously arranged album with a distinct sixties/west coast pop feel.

The third Paulusma studio album, Up On The Roof, which was released in 2011 through PIAS Holland, is in some ways closest to the music he wrote for his former band Daryll-Ann. Up On The Roof shows Paulusma's endless love for classic pop music, and he took the opportunity to re-record a song he wrote for Daryll-Ann almost 20 years ago.

In November 2014 Paulusma's fourth album, Pulling Weeds, was released through Excelsior Recordings. Due to the Daryll-Ann reunion tour that same year the album release was delayed for almost twelve months. The sound on Pulling Weeds is much more edgy than Paulusma's other work and the album got great reviews in the Dutch press. 

Since September 2015 Paulusma is involved in the quite successful CSN&Y tribute group Her Majesty. This outfit has been touring extensively in Holland since January 2016 and played their final show on October 7th 2018. Her Majesty will continue with a brand new show in January 2020.

Besides his expanding solo career Paulusma has been a composer of music for commercials and documentary films for the past fifteen years. 

Jelle Paulusma states:

"I don't want my music to be labelled, I want it to be fresh with the happiness and pleasure that all great music of any genre imparts to those that hear it". 

"I've assembled a group of musicians that share this view with me. We consider ourselves a band in the loosest sense of the word. We band together to create a musical experience, that is enriched by the personal contributions of all involved". 

"I've discovered that the best music was always made by people with a passion to explore the possibilities of music making in an ensemble where there is a common idea that is then bounced back and forth between the musicians culminating in a total far greater than the parts". 

"It is my goal to create that idea, to give it some sort of blueprint, roadmap, what-have-you, and let the community of musicians I play with build it into something organic, alive with the possibilities of greatness, while skimming the surface of dismal failure. It is in taking this chance that I feel my musical ideas can be presented in a way that retains the freshness of all the great music of the past and endows it with a power of the present".

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